Our organization “IBSSA-Anti human trafficking Bureau Serbia”


is oriented towards combating various forms of trafficking and any kind of exploitation of people.

Due to the worrying growth and dynamic process of human trafficking, which as an act against humanity and is being classified among most serious crimes, our activities will be aimed at raising public awareness through education, research and reporting, forums, round tables, media presentation of the complexity of the crime of trafficking, as well as through direct contact with victims and potential victims for assistance and prevention.
In carrying out its day-to-day activities, the Bureau may make contact with a person for whom, on any basis, the notion of trafficking or other indications of being a victim or suspected of being a potential victim of trafficking. In such a case, the Bureau shall not undertake any individual interviews or investigative actions, but shall immediately inform the competent institutions.

It should be noted that the identification of potential victims is a continuous process that, by the nature of the crime of trafficking, occurs at all times of the day and night, and it is extremely important that the Bureau be available and ready to work with potential victims of trafficking 24 hours a day.

A hotline to which the victim or potential victim of trafficking may contact us, also if you have information or wish to report a case of trafficking. – 064 / 47-31-537.

The emphasis is placed on highlighting the problem of trafficking in human beings, as well as finding ways to combat it. It is not an easy task for us, because we are facing a global problem, a world-wide social anomaly. For their illicit profit, organized crime groups adapt very quickly to new situations and thus further complicate the process of detecting trafficking activities.
Guided by the mentioned situation, in order to get a comprehensive view of all forms of human trafficking, through cooperation with other organizations, associations, state institutions, local governments and self-governments, coordination with bodies and institutions, local communities, schools, individuals and groups, through international cooperation, and cooperation with the victims themselves … we will direct our actions towards combating one of the most complex criminal phenomena such as trafficking in human beings.
We remain open to any form of fair, quality and serious cooperation, because as an organization we are responsible for combating one of the most serious forms of crime.