It is important to emphasize the importance of developing education system and professional development of members of specialized protection organizations, providing persons and facilities with the aim of developing acquired knowledge and skills, as well as adopting new and current content arising from positive practice and science, which is one of the most important conditions for true professionalization of the members of specialized counterintelligence, operational and physical security teams.
More recently, there has been a need to engage an increasing number of domestic and foreign experts in various security fields for the purpose of education and training through specialized courses, seminars and professional practices that are a basic form of training.

All this should be monitored, followed and evaluated by knowledge as a prerequisite for efficiency in carrying out these tasks.

Lecturer and consultant

Hatidža Beriša
April 22nd, 1961, Priština, Republic of Serbia

Military Academy, Department of Strategy, professor

Academic studies: Faculty of National Defense in Belgrade, Belgrade University, Professor, Defense and protection

Master studies: Union University in Belgrade, Master’s thesis entitled “Strategic Planning and Information Systems for Defense System Requirements’’, Master Manager

Master’s Degree Programs from the Faculty of Defense and Protection, University of Belgrade, Master’s Thesis entitled “Defense – Security Consequences of Drug Addiction and Drug Terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija”, Master of Defense, Protection and Security.

Doctoral studies: Belgrade University, Faculty of Political Science, doctoral dissertation entitled “Political violence in Kosovo and Metohija from 1945 to 2003”, Doctor of political science

Place and duration of study visits (training) abroad and country:

– Belgrade, Diplomatic Academy and Department of OSCE and CoE of the Ministry of Forein Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro, Contemporary Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism, December 12-16.2005.

– London School of Public Relations, Belgrade, March to October 2005.

– Media Communication, Belgrade, January-March 2008

– Training Development Policy, Belgrade (April 21-24, 2015) organized by the Center for Military-Civil Relations from Washington, USA

– Strategic Communication and Public Relations, Belgrade, March 2015, organized by the George Marshall Center in Nermac and the US Embassy

– Workshop Verbal Communication, organized by the Society of Public Relations, 11-18. 04. 2015.

Work experience:
– She is now teaching in the Department of Strategy, School of National Defense, Military Academy,

– In the period 2012-2013. Management of the Regional Center Belgrade,

– In the period 2004-2012, the Defense Obligations Administration, a independent economic planning advisor and the VTS,

– In the period 2003-2004, Civil Defense Sector Defense Planning Directorate, Deputy of the Department for Economic Planning

– In the period 1999-2003. Military Department of Čukarica,

– In the period 1999-1999. the Krusevac Development Group for the Municipality of Peć,

– In the period 1993-1999., Peć Military Section Command, performs all duties, in the Peacemaking and Mobilization Department, in two instances was represented as the deputy head of the department

– In the period 1990-1993. The Peć District Headquarters, Assistant Commander for Morale, teacher at the Officers Training Center in the Provincial Staff of the TO AP of Kosovo and Metohija.

– In the period 1989-1990. TO Klina Municipal Staff, Operations Officer, Assistant Commander for Background,

– In the period 1987-1988. Secretariat for National Defense for the Municipality of Klina, intern

Membership of professional and scientific associations: Society of Public Relations of Serbia, Andrejevic Foundation, Milutin Milankovic Association, e-Development, Balkan Security Agenda (BSA), and Atlantic Council of Serbia, Association for Risk Management.