The current security situation in Europe, in particular the existence of new security threats and challenges in the world, the escalation of terrorism and the incidence of violence as well as trafficking in human beings, pose a major security risk to human security in general.

At the same time, modern terrorism brings a new form of threat to the security of persons and objects and the difficulty in predicting how these attacks will be carried out, especially when considering the use of modern technology and sophisticated means by the bearer of the threat.
Increased security risk implies the need not only for a critical review of existing systemic solutions, but also for a much greater degree of cooperation and coordination of state structures, especially specialized institutions of the security, intelligence, military and police sectors with other structures in the country, non governmental organizations, associations and the private security sector, thereby acquiring basic conditions and prerequisites for joint action in combating and preventing security risks and threats.
The main objective of the Organization is to encourage professional cooperation in the field of the goals of the Bureau, personal friendship among its members in accordance with the principles of the Organization.

In order to achieve its goals, our Organization, in particular:
– collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of diplomacy, security, with a focus on trafficking in human beings,
– collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of diplomacy and security,
– organizes, alone or in association with other organizations, professional meetings, consultations, seminars and other forms of education,
– publishes publications on issues related to the safety of persons and facilities,
– organizes special security training with a focus on the protection of persons, facilities and prevention of trafficking in human beings,
– organizes voluntary actions to assist state institutions, trade unions, private companies, individuals, educational institutions, in accordance with the Law,
– cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad dealing with security.

In addition to the basic objectives, the tasks of the Organization are:
– bringing our members closer together and developing a sense of solidarity, mutual understanding and friendship;
– encouraging personal contacts between members;
– exchange of professional experience;
– promoting international publications and assisting members in obtaining literature related to the fight against trafficking in human beings (legislation, theory, practice, etc.);
– developing and cultivating the sports spirit, setting up camps for sports and recreation and organizing sports activities of national and international character;
– publication of the journal of the Organization and other publications with the aim of informing members and the public about the activities of the Bureau;
– publication of papers in the field of professional and scientific life;
– cooperation with state authorities and organizations in the field of combating trafficking in human beings and problems with migrants;
– assistance to victims and their families of trafficking offenses;
– research and improvement in the field of security of persons and facilities protection, prevention of trafficking in human beings;
– activities in the field of diplomatic activity and security, protection of property and persons in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and abroad;
– establishing contacts and cooperation with other associations and organizations in the country and abroad;
– co-operation with international security organizations, as decided by the Assembly;
– education and raising awareness on personal safety;
– cooperation with state bodies and organizations, citizens’ associations, entrepreneurs, trade unions and individuals in the field of goals of the Association;
– participation in the realization of projects of domestic and foreign institutions in the field of the Association’s activities;
– be the founder of another legal entity, foundation or commercial company;
– realization of own projects in which members of the Bureau and non-members of the Bureau can participate.

The AHTB IBSSA SERBIA Association processes all relevant data and information related to security issues with a focus on the issue of trafficking in human beings, in order to produce a better and more quality “picture” of the current situation in the Republic of Serbia.
Information and reports shall be kept in the prescribed manner and as such may be made available to the competent institutions and organizations dealing with the security issue as required.

In its work, AHTB IBSSA SERBIA is committed to provide timely, accurate and truthful information to all its partners, clients, associates, members of the Bureau, as well as the media, and the public in a timely and accurate manner regarding the aforementioned security issues.
If you have information or would like to report a trafficking in human beings case or have a security problem of another kind, please contact us.
If you are interested in the work of our organization or would like to join us, let us know!