Members of the Association may be:

– Regular members

– Honorary members

Regular members of the Association can be any person who accepts the goals of the Association and the Statute of the Association and submits the necessary application for membership.

Honorary members of the Association can be persons who have made a remarkable contribution to the achievement of the goals and tasks of the Association, which the Executive Council, by reasoned proposal of one of the members of the Executive Council or at the proposal of the Representative, by a three-quarters majority decides to declare such person an “Honorary Member of the Association”. The title of honorary member of the Association for exceptional contribution to the work of the Association may be granted to a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a foreign citizen.

For an honorary member of the Association cannot be proclaimed a person who manifests or stands for differences between people on the basis of gender, race, nationality or religion.

Honorary members cannot participate in the work of the administrative bodies of the Association, but may attend the work of the Assembly of the Association and meetings without voting rights. The Executive Council of the Association awards honorary members with special diplomas, charters, etc., and the note “Honorary Member” is obligatory in the membership card.

The decision on admission to membership is made by the Executive Council of the Association.

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