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AHTB IBSSA SERBIA is working to provide quality, timely and accurate information to all its strategic partners, clients, associates, members as...

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The IBSSA organization, through its representatives, regular, trained, certified members, can provide you with every type of complete security...

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IBSSA is a non-governmental and non-profit humanitarian non-partisan association based on indefinite time to achieve goals:

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Trained operatives



Gathering Data

The AHTB IBSSA system collects all relevant information and information in order to create a better and better quality image of the current state of affairs regarding general security and the appearance of trafficking in human beings.

Data Processing

The processing of collected data is the most important step that our experts, who based on the collected data and reports from the field, make a narrower picture of all events in the areas that are the subject of processing.

Data Archiving

The same information as the reports in the AHTB IBSSA system is stored so that at any moment it can be found and passed on to all institutions, as well as organizations dealing with the same or similar topic, and in addition, the complete system is protected against misuse of this information.

Creating Reports

AHTB IBSSA creates reports on a daily basis, on the basis of which it creates a complete “map” of the movement of the problem from its origin to the ultimate goal in order to present itself as best as possible to the competent institutions and to the public itself, which should be addressed to the flows that are happening in its vicinity.


The future of security and information

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